Travel & Expense Management

Travel and Expense management module makes it easy to keep track of business travel expenses. This module provides complete overview of the expenses made by the employee. With advanced reporting, you can easily assess the expenditure made on travels and other areas, and so you can identify where you could cut the cost. Dashboards provide an "at-a-glance" view of travel and expense spending for your department. The dynamic reporting give the visibility you and your management team require for expense management.

  • Rich configuration for travel and expense based on the groups/grades.
  • Online travel and expense requests based on the policy.
  • Saves time & streamlines your reimbursement process
  • Personalized dashboard for instant one-click access.
  • Option to choose the reimbursement request type & forms from customized list.
  • Automatic email triggers are sent for reimbursement request submission, approvals & declines.
  • Status of your reimbursement requests can be tracked online.

Travel, Expense & Conveyance Setup

  • Define multiple policy group wise
  • Set your own mandatory fields as per you policy
  • Define Month/Yearly request limit

Travel, Expense & Conveyance Request View (Workflow)

  • Travel request with hotel and ticket bookings facility
  • Choose the mode of travel as per policy
  • Track the travel request any time
  • Submit your travel bills with upload facility