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Reimbursement module allows automation of the online request and payment of the salary reimbursements. Configuration is available to set reimbursement limits as per the salary structure, maintain the payment history, balances online. The system offer flexibility of defining reimbursement components, classifying whether taxable or not and define statutory rules on the reimbursements.

  • Configure multiple Reimbursement Components.
  • Configuration of reimbursement components with salary structure according to policy.
  • Configure statutory rules on the reimbursement components
  • Configure accrual policy for reimbursement components
  • Auto accrual of reimbursements based on the policy.
  • Maintaining balances based on the accrual and payments of reimbursement.
  • Option to pay reimbursement through payroll and out of payroll.
  • Request and approval based reimbursement process.
  • Tracking of reimbursement request any time
  • Auto Mail on approval or rejection of reimbursements.
  • Multiple reports to view employee wise/ all reimbursement payment details.
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Reimbursement Configuration

  • Create multiple type of reimbursement for multiple group
  • Set monthly and yearly accrual rule
  • Set yearly carry-forward rule as per policy
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Reimbursement Request

  • User friendly UI to claim the reimbursement
  • Apply taxable & non- taxable request in one go
  • Track the reimbursement request status any time
Reimbursement Request
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Reimbursement Approval

  • Modify/Change the reimbursment amount as per document provided
  • Segregate the taxable and non taxable reimbursement request
  • Get details of past request of any employee any time
Reimbursement Approval

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