Our Story

The origin of Orasis Infotech Private Limited, the parent company of Savvy HRMS traces back to year 2005. Founded as a firm 18 years ago, it used to provide software as well as software support for small businesses dealing in export and import in its initial years. It was on June 15, 2015, that three of the best brains in the IT field formally incorporated Orasis Infotech Private Limited and had set in motion a revolution that has today reformed the entire Human Resource industry. Forgetting all the worldly pleasures, they dedicated themselves in order to come up with a software solution which could make complex HR processes simpler. And, soon they came up with hassle-free HR & Payroll software Savvy HRMS which, as its name suggests, not only streamlines HR management but also gives more time to HR to focus on other key responsibilities related to employee welfare. The software is able to handle all the HR processes related to the employees right from the day of hiring to employee’s retirement.

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  • Fastest Growing Company In HRMS Domain.
  • Using World Class Technologies.
  • Ready To Adopt New Technologies.

The dawn of a new era.. A boon For HR

Savvy HRMS’s parent company Orasis Infotech Private Limited has one vision and it is to enable companies to focus on their core processes by making management of HR processes simpler and less resource intensive.

Our Strength – Evolving Constantly For A Better Tomorrow

Savvy HRMS development team constantly interacts with HR professionals and understands their needs in order to evolve the software into the most efficient software in managing HR processes.

Our Vision

With the advent of Savvy HRMS, a new era seems to have begun in the HR world where the software solution has not only streamlined HR work processes but has also cut-down paper work to the maximum possible level. And this is the reason why the software is being used by over 200+ best companies in India and the world. And why not when the software is backed by best-on-earth support teams spread across all over India.


Robust Value

Savvy HRMS is the brain child of a company which has not only clearer vision but also has strong values. It is these values which have enabled the company to deliver top-notch services to its clients.

Integrity, Honesty and Transparency

Humanity, Respect Towards Colleagues And Customers Alike

Excellence In Quality Products

Aiming Highest Standards In Every Services That We Provide

Corporate Social Responsibility – Sensitivity and responsible behavior towards communities and work environment

Accountability In Words And Action


The Power Of A Pencil Unleashed

Savvy HRMS is akin to a pencil. First, you can do a lot of things with the pencil. You can create, mark, write with it, use it as a bookmark, play with it, measure things with it, use it as a pointer and what not. In the same way, Savvy HRMS is a software which can not only be used just for HR management but in a variety of other ways as well. Like a pencil, Savvy HRMS always stays sharp. Of course, you have to sharpen or update it regularly. Similar to a pencil, the software allows users to prevent as well as undo inadvertent mistakes. It always comes with an eraser or a checklist to prevent any errors in the management of HR. The software also draws close similarity with that of a pencil with respect to its hardness outside and a soft core. Just like a pencil, the software guards itself from any outside attack but is very simple and user-friendly for the users. Just like a pencil, Savvy HRMS leaves a mark wherever it is used. This is the reason why this HR software has been trusted by over 200+ companies worldwide. And finally, the pencil can also be used for writing in outer space which makes it mightier than a pen. Similarly, Savvy HRMS also enables HR to use it in a variety of ways making it the most compatible software making HR processes easier. However, unlike a pencil, Savvy HRMS does not get shortened when it is sharpened. On the other hand, it extends its scope, improves itself and steps up its utility with every update.

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Work Ethos

HR Meeting

Team Savvy HRMS is dedicated to the principles of client first approach. The research wing always strives to find newer ways to ease HR processes through Savvy HRMS software. We are an equal opportunity provider and welcome talented minds to join the team.

Our Valued Alliances

Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Orasis Infotech Private Limited collaborates with an esteemed group of exclusive partner Star Link Communication Private Limited offering the best-in-class technologies in biometric attendance and access control solutions. We are dedicated in serving various industries to develop market by providing biometrics solutions to deliver the business value of our clients. Orasis’s recommendation to the client is always based solely on their requirements and objectives, and ensures the best total cost of ownership. Orasis has both marketing and technical alliances. We jointly develop, sell and deliver business solutions that leverage Orasis’s industrial, functional and technical expertise, Orasis’s global delivery model, and the alliance partner’s technology and services. This is done through training, engagement with the partner’s technical support and development teams.