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Recruitment Management Software

Savvy HRMS Recruitment candidate management software uses interactive tools to automate your hiring system by managing resumes, analyzing multiple mediums, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, and sending offer letters.

  • Easy steps to create job opening.
  • Online Tracking of the job opening on a single click.
  • Manage candidate repository.
  • Easy step to handle the complete interview process.
  • Online offer generation process.
  • Transfer candidate information to the employee database on a single click.

Savvy HRMS offers a configurable cloud-based recruitment software for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our recruiting software helps you automate your end to the end hiring process, right from requisition to offer.

  • Reduce time to offer by 39%
  • Minimize cost per hire
  • Streamline recruitment workflow
  • Track Job Posting
  • Track Team Activity
  • Track Candidate Status
  • Track Positions Status
  • Analyzing the current manpower status
  • Making future manpower forecasts
  • Developing employment programs
  • Design training programs
  • Do Fresh as well as replacement type manpower request
  • Categorize the manpower request with full time/ part-time
  • Decide no. of vacancies as required

Features of Savvy HRMS

Create Job Postings

icon Create Job Postings
Savvy HRMS Recruitment agency Management software helps you to post jobs to any career portal or on your employee referral site with an up-to-date version of duties and working conditions related to that job.

Applicant Self Service

icon Applicant Self Service
Savvy HRMS Recruitment Management helps candidates to visit your career portal, search and apply for jobs, receive offers, submit documents, as well as view the present status of their application.

Resume Management

icon Resume Management
Savvy HRMS Recruitment Management helps HRs to receive and manage applicant resumes immediately and store them for fruitful processing and faster recruiting.

Search Candidate Pool

icon Search Candidate Pool
Savvy HRMS Recruitment Management helps recruiters to mine the candidate pool by scanning applications based on predefined standards, which encourages faster processing of applications.

Assign Interviewer

icon Assign Interviewer
Savvy HRMS Recruitment Management allows you to create and manage the list of an interviewer. Assigning an interview to one of your workers accelerates an email notification to that interviewer.

Interview Management

icon Interview Management
Savvy HRMS Recruitment Management facilitates recruiters to create, edit, and manage interview schedules and view as well as manage the interviewer’s availability, time, location, and more.

Applicant Status

icon Applicant Status
Savvy HRMS Recruitment Management helps you to monitor a candidate’s application movement throughout the recruitment procedure with streamlined acknowledgments, along with other pertinent documents.

Manage Recruitment Agencies

icon Manage Recruitment Agencies
Savvy HRMS Hiring Management Software allows the creation and supervision of recruitment agencies’ records. You can appoint job offers to a recruitment firm and track its status.

Why Choose Recruitment Management Software By Savvy HRMS ?

icon Applicant Status

Centralized Database

Track Prospects from various sources
in one place
Tax Management

Applicant Tracking System

Monitor Position and Competitors from requisition to offer
icon Report Designer

Feedback From Designer

Eliminates biases to get the right candidate on-board
icon Report Designer

Report Designer

Save time spent on assembling data and reports
icon Ready APIs for Quick Integration

Ready APIs for Quick Integration

Integrate career portal, job portals, and assessments
icon Recruitment Vendor

Recruitment Vendor Management Software

Save time on interacting with vendors

Savvy HRMS online recruiting tools and resume Management Software offers a centralized platform to streamline the whole recruitment process. It gives a complete web-based recruiting and talent management system that automates the entire hiring process, such as identifying competency needs, potential internal prospects, scheduling interviews, external application tracking, candidates selection, and induction. Savvy HRMS Recruitment CRM solution helps swift, impartial, authentic, and accurate processing of applications.

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