Statutory Compliances

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Statutory Compliances

A lot of your company’s effort and money goes into ensuring compliance to these laws which could deal with a range of issues; from the payment of PF, ESI, TDS, minimum wages to maternity benefits or professional taxes. Statutory compliances are necessary for all big and small companies in the world to keep their businesses safe from the legal trouble. A deep knowledge of statutory compliances are required to minimize the risk associated with the noncompliance of statutory requirements. In today’s competitive and legal business world, it is very challenging for employers to manage statutory compliances without a good HRMS Software. There are a number of statutory requirements for Indian companies and companies have to spend a significant amount of time to ensure that they are compliant with the legal regulations. If companies fail to adhere to statutory compliances, they may have to face heavy penalties which are several times more than complying with legal guidelines.

  • Configuration for fixing minimum rates of wages for skilled and unskilled laborers based on the state and location.
  • Configuration and calculation of overtime and Payment of Overtime as per the Factory Act & Payment of Wages Act.
  • Configuration and calculation of TDS based on the salary component and deduct TDS under section 192 of the income tax act, 1961.v
  • Option to generate form 24Q and from 16 in on e single click.
  • Option to generate the PF challan in one single click.
  • Option to generate the ESI challan in one single click.
  • State-based configuration of Professional tax and their deduction while generating the payroll. Also generate of professional tax challan in one single click.
  • Gratuity calculation and provision for the employee when he/she left the organization.
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Setup Statutory Compliances

  • Setup State wise all type Skill Wages Limit
  • Setup PF Rule
  • Setup ESIC Rule
  • Setup Bonus Rule
  • Setup Labour Welfare Rule
  • Setup Professional Tax Rule (if applicable)
Statutory State wise Min Wages
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Statutory Challans

  • Generate Company wise challans
  • Generate PF ECR Challan
  • Generate ESIC Challan
  • Generate EPF Left Employee Challan
  • Generate PF Summary
  • Generate ESIC Summary
  • Generate LWF Summary
  • Generate LWF Return

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