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Training Management

Training Management module enables you drive effective employee training tracking and completion, empowering you to schedule and report on training. To Access, maintain and manage all of your training metrics in a singular location. Keep training requirements on track and drive their completion with automated email reminders sent to employees and their supervisors for upcoming and overdue training.

  • Training Calendar to view all the training at a glance.
  • Pre training and post training test.
  • Performance comparison of pre and post training.
  • Generate TNI based on performance.
  • Create training plan and conversion of that plan in actual training.
  • Capture attendance of each trainee day to day.
  • Calculate Training cost based on training attendance.
  • Rich feature to capture the training and trainer feedback.
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Configure Training Program & Session

  • Configure training session as per organizational need
  • Map trainer as per your choice
  • Book Conference room for your training session
  • Decide the budget of training session/ program
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Recommend For Training Session & Action on Request

  • Recommend your subordinates for training session as per need
  • Approve the training requests of the sub-ordinates

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