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HRMS Modules That Every HR Needs

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For swift and fast process with efficient output, every company is turning to adapt HRMS into their human resource cycle. Now a day, there are many HRMS providers which provides various solutions at single platform but still some or how any of the modules misses.

Savvy HRMS is a single platform where you can get more than 20 modules. In previous blog you must have read about how the HRMS is turning to be an efficient choice for every company. In this blog, I would recommend the modules required by every company.


1. Attendance Management System

Attendance management is the top most important aspect of employee management for any company. This module helps you to get the records of every employee including their late arrivals, holidays, leaves, OTs etc.

2. Payroll Software

Every employee wants their salary on time without any error in their payroll. The payroll software from Savvy HRMS helps to generate the salary with just a single click. On the basis of attendance records and fixed salary formula, it is quite easier for the HRs to process the salary. Even overtimes can also be managed through payroll software.

3. Statutory Compliance

Companies spend a lot to ensure the statutory compliances to be appropriate to avoid legal suits against them. Savvy HRMS helps you to manage all form of deductions like EPF, ESI, Tax and others easily. With the help of this module you can make the complete system transparent.

4. Performance Management System

With the effective and efficient process of performance management, Savvy HRMS helps to analyze the efficiency of every employee accurately. With the help of comprehensive functionality, you can empower your HRs, Managers and other heads to analyze the appraisal in no time.

5. Recruitment Management System

If your company has huge man power than recruitment management is also one of the modules which you can add in the cart. This module helps to co-ordinate the complete recruitment procedure easily. What message needs to be sent to which candidate, and what procedure he has to go on; all these processes can be easily taken care by this module.

6. Training Management System

This module is something which you cannot miss, as this can really help your HR to save a lot of time and paper work. This module helps to manage and maintain all the training modules and metrics at single platform.

Adoption of these modules is certainly going to help the HRs in effective management of employees. Apart from above quoted modules, there are many other modules which you can get as per the requirements are generated in future. Modules like tax management, loan management, document management, visitor management, on-boarding and canteen management systems are few modules which you can opt for. In a nut shell, I would conclude here that Savvy HRMS is the best solution providers which can help you to gain the faster output in less time.