One-Stop HR Solution For SMBs And Conglomerates

SAVVY HRMS is an intelligent HR solution made to help HRs save time, simplify human interactions to increase employee happiness, and provide actionable insights to foresee the risks and opportunities With World’s First #Inbox For HR, and highly interactive mobile app SAVVY HRMS, best HR solution aims to transform the game of thrones-like complex HR functions into supremely simple Dora land!

Best HR solution

The reason why we call ourselves mobile-first software is that what we offer on our web software, we have made it available on our mobile app as well.

Did Your HR Solution

Your Way of Work or You?

SAVVY HRMS, an HR solution never asks you to change rather allows you to make as many customisations as you want- policies, organisational structure- EVERYTHING, just the way your organization functions! Watch the video to learn how the SAVVY HRMS HR software enhances your HR team’s productivity, interconnection, and decision-making ability.

Features You Will Find Nowhere Else!

Here’s what our recently acquired clients’ HRs, Employees, Employers find the most amusing in SAVVY HRMS!

  • Badges & rewards to engage and appreciate employees
  • 3 Dimensional diagnostic check to avoid payroll errors
  • Dynamic workflows and 100+ MIS reports to keep you in sync with every detail
  • Seamless Integration with more than 15+ tools
  • 40+ actionable insights to foresee risks, opportunities and be resilient
  • Inbox for HR to remind you of tasks and ensure no pending task
  • HR announcements to keep employees aware of every update
  • 5+ attendance marking ways to avoid wrong data collation
  • Pulse and surveys to promote cultural listening
  • Welcome message & social profile for delightful recruitment and onboarding
  • Auto distance calculations & more for fraud management & cost control
  • 360 degree continuous reviews to keep performance tracking fair for one and all