Attendance Management

Challenges and Trends in Attendance Management of Blue Collar Workers

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The blue collar workforce constitutes a major chunk of the working population in India. Even before the Covid Pandemic and till today, there have always been a lot of challenges associated with blue collar workers.

Be it managing attendance and work schedules, implementing effective communication channels, or integrating required automation to ease out the overall workflow – with blue collar workers, it always gets challenging in finding the right solutions to many of these fundamental problems.

What problems do blue collar workers face?

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest challenges faced by Blue collar workers as well as companies in India employing them.

Managing Attendance and Work Schedules of Blue Collar Workforce

  • Poor Attendance Management and work hours tracking. Many Indian companies that employ these blue collar workers do not have efficient systems in place to monitor and manage their working hours and activities.
  • Due to the absence of proper attendance management software, usually, these companies that employ blue collar workforce lack accuracy in performing on-point background verification of their workers.
  • Managing your blue collar workforce can get tough in the absence of a uniform platform that provides adequate visibility for the workers.
  • Many companies that are working with blue-collar workers, do not provide them flexibility in their working schedules. There is often no defined approach for scheduling the shifts of the workers. This in return creates a burden on the larger workforce eventually as their workload increases.
  • In the absence of proper attendance management software in the blue collar workforce environment, certain employees start stealing work time and also manipulating leaves. Also, due to a crowded workforce and a lack of a proper work scheduling system, the result is the unexpected absence of workers. This results in a loss of Workforce Productivity.
  • As the majority of the companies that employ these blue collar workers do not have proper attendance management software in place, it often leads to discrepancies in data management, time wastage in managing records, and hinders smooth operations.
  • Another significant challenge is How to communicate with blue collar workers effectively in the absence of a unified attendance management software / Work Scheduling system. This lack of communication creates distance between the blue collar workers and the company management. Hence, they are not able to fully leverage the skills of their workers.
  • The absence of a work scheduling system breeds ground for unfair payment practices which eventually leads to the Underpayment of Blue-Collar Workers.

Managing Your Blue Collar Workforce via Emerging Technology Trends

Technology is reshaping Blue Collar Workforce in 2022.

Be it through digital databases of the workers that are maintained by end-to-end recruitment firms, or the adaptation of modern attendance management software / work scheduling systems by companies into their work environment.

They have realized the importance of having a unified system that manages all activities of the workers in one place and tracks their working activities.

Savvy HRMS has one of the best attendance management software to manage attendance and work schedules of blue collar workers. With cutting edge features like employee tracking and management, geotagging and geofencing, and facial recognition, you can track every aspect of your workers right from your smartphone.

These attendance management software products also help in showcasing the skills of the blue collarworkers to the company management thereby enabling them for upskilling and reskilling opportunities.

Apart from that, modern attendance management software for blue collar workers easily detects any type of fake entries in the system. They are well equipped with complex approval workflows in the system so that the head of the department or the IT admin can easily track the names and details of workers operating with a fake identity.

Not only that, but these modern and highly automated attendance management software for blue-collar workers also ensures that any blacklisted worker does not end up in an organization again. These systems consider their Aadhar card and Voter Id details to confirm their identity and remove any data duplicacy. This help companies in keeping away workers that were removed earlier because of any given reason.

In 2022, the majority of blue collar workers have access to a smartphone and the Internet. Hence, they can easily become an integral part of the attendance management Software and adopt technology in their workflow.

This helps in maximizing employee accountability and workforce productivity.