Visitor Management


  • VMS should centrally implemented to monitor all your locations across the country
  • Requests for visitor appointment
  • Appointment approval & rejections
  • Pre-registration of individual
  • Email notification on requests, approval and rejections
  • Today's appointments and expected visitors
  • Visitor Sign-In by user
  • Visitor Sign-out by user
  • Visitor Photo Capture
  • Business card scanning
  • Visitor history tracking
  • Blacklisting of Visitors
  • Items carried in/out
  • Graph report for total signed In visitor, today total visitor
  • Email / SMS notifications

Visitor Entry

  • Manage scheduled visitor detail
  • Manage non-scheduled visitor detail

Visitor Details

  • Capture photo to identify the visitor
  • Capture the purpose of visit
  • Capture In-Out time of visit