Task Management

Task Management Module helps to assign the work to our team members. Through this module, superiors can also view and assign the task to their subordinates. Task delegation can also be done to improve the efficiency and response times. It shows all the allotted task and pending task on a single window. You can take proper actions as required and keep track record of every task.

  • Provision to create user defined task.
  • Manage system generated task.
  • Manage, assign task by managers.
  • Compute delay, over dues of tasks.
  • Eliminates the need to remember all tasks
  • Makes you more productive by sending timely reminders.

Task List

  • Track your tasks
  • Track your own performance
  • Get reminder for the tasks

Add Task

  • Create your own self-defined tasks
  • Close the task when completed
  • Define self reminder of the task