Recruitment Management

Savvy HRMS Recruitment module is the very simpler, effective and easiest hiring platform. With a gamut of channels and options, organizations today need to send the right message to the right candidates at the right time. Savvy HRMS Recruitment module uses interactive tools for streamlining your hiring system by managing resumes, exploring multiple channels, short listing candidates, scheduling interviews and sending offer letters.

  • Easy steps to create Job Opening.
  • Online Tracking of Job opening on single click.
  • Manage Candidate repository.
  • Easy step to handle complete interview process.
  • Online offer generation process.
  • Transfer candidate information to Employee database on single click.

Recruiter Dashboard

  • Track Job Posting
  • Track Team Ativity
  • Track Candidate Status
  • Track Positions Status


Man Power Planning

  • Analyzing the current manpower status
  • Making future manpower forecasts
  • Developing employment programs
  • Design training programs

Man Power Request

  • Do Fresh as well as replacement type manpower request
  • Categorize the man power request with full time/ part time
  • Decide no. of vacancies as required