On Boarding & Employee Management

On-boarding is a critical part of a strategic talent management program, but it is often overlooked by busy managers who believe that it’s human resources’ responsibility. With no clear owner, high complexity, and high stakes. What’s needed is an on boarding solution that is easy, automatic, and personal to lay the groundwork for a productive and engaged member of your team. It requires a solution that incorporates the latest On-boarding best practices, and emphasizes employee socialization. Savvy HRMS On-boarding Module helps you consistently and efficiently converts new hires into engaged, empowered, productive employees.

  • Improved process efficiency and compliance
  • Faster time to contribution
  • Better employee engagement and retention
  • Robust set of workflow automation tools, which improve compliance
  • Divide the on boarding process in multiple tasks and assign different users.
  • Auto creation of task while new joinee comes into the system.
  • Auto movement of task into the cycle configured for on boarding.
  • Online tracking of on-boarding status of any employee.
  • After completion of on-boarding process employees can do their day to day activities in the system.

Employee Management

  • Manage HR/Administrative Information
  • Manage Employee Documents & Others
  • Manage Historical data of Employees