Payroll Management

Savvy Payroll Software is designed to handle all aspects of payroll processing for businesses across industries. You can easily meet regulatory requirements with our payroll software’s automated support for complex statutory taxation legislations for various countries including India. Our Payroll Software integrates seamlessly with Savvy HRMS and Employee Self Services modules to offer a comprehensive solution that considers leaves, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, hourly wages, contractor payments etc.

✔  Flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure.

✔  100% accurate and professional looking pay-slips, instantly, and without any effort.

✔  Customize the appearance and content of your salary slips.

✔  Generate the pay-slips and download them for printing. Or, email the pay-slips directly to employees as PDF attachments (with password protection). Even better, publish pay-slips online and employees can view / download the salary slips at their convenience.

✔  All statutory deductions for PF, ESI, Professional tax, TDS, etc. are automatically handled by the payroll software as per law.

✔  You can also generate all the required reports like PF ECR file, ESI Returns, PT reports of all states and TDS returns without having to do any additional work.

✔  TDS automatically deducted but various related reports are ready to use including Monthly Tax Statement, Form 16 & 12BA, eTDS Returns, Form 24Q, etc.

✔  Ensure accuracy with a variety of reconciliation tools.

✔  Reports like employee head count reconciliation and payroll transfer type reconciliation.